Best Rowing Machines under $500 in 2020

Exercise rowing machine benefits are huge and it’s so easy to reap those benefits that you’d be fool not to take one for a test drive. I’ve lost so much weight by using my Concept 2 rowing equipment and I’ve found that I also feel much healthier and find that I don’t get out of breath so easily.

If your overweight then you owe it to yourself to start using indoor rowers as they can literally help you burn off your fat quickly and become lean and healthy. Whats more, I’ve found that they do a great job of converting you bodyfat into muscle tone which means you can actually get into shape using a rowing machine very quickly.

There are many models to choose from and I do my best to cover them all in equal depth. But I myself only own 1 rowing machine (Concept2) and whilst I have used loads of them I still find that I lie mine the best. This is most probably because I am used to using it and we flow together very well. So I suggest you read a wide range of reviews before you jump into using any particular brand or model and then look for a used or second hand one to save on costs.

Horizon Fitness Rowing Machine Reviews

I’ve read many Horizon fitness rowing machine reviews because I rate Horizon as one of the best exercise equipment brands in they’re price range. You see, Horizon aim to provide high quality pieces of fitness equipment at affordable prices which won’t break the bank.

Whilst there machines are most definitely cheap, I have still found that people are getting great results from their York rowers and it seems that it is one to look at if your thinking of buying rowing equipment.

I personally won’t be getting one because I already own a Concept 2 which I’m more than happy with. A friend of mine also has one that he bought second hand and it is in just as good condition whilst it cost half the price! So I can’t stress enough how critical it is that you checkout a coupled of used York fitness rowing machine before buying one.

H2o Fitness Rowing Machines Reviews

I’ve spent the last hour reading H2o fitness rowing machines and conclude that whilst this does not look as good a rower as the Concept2, it does seem to have a few things that could well be better for working out. It’s been designed in a way that is easy to store and use with what looks like quite a steady learning curve.

You can read the logbook online and you’ll be able to learn more about this fitness rowing machine, but of course the reviews are where you’ll find the golden information. Like one review told about some great gains and results with fat and calories burnt and feeling much fitter. Another commented that it was easy to put out of the way when he wasn’t using it to workout.

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