Promote your club


There are many ways to promote your club if you are competing at the ROWING Champions League.

Business hospitality
Our core elements fascinate every kind of company. Endurance, teamwork, passion and an intrinsic motivation are the key elements of success –  whatever and wherever you have to face your opponents. The rowing champions league is ideal for high class hospitality, watching the best national or international club eights compete against each other.

Selling tickets – grand stands 
Usually, rowing regattas are over the distance of 2000m. There are more than 20 different categories and after 1h of racing most of the audience is getting bored. Only an international regatta series over the distance of 350m can be watched by an audience from the start to the finish. There is a huge potential of a  Live-Video coverage over the distance of 350m with cameras in the boats, at the starting and finish line and in the middle of the race course. Moreover, the regatta can take place in the middle of a big city – where the crowd is located and an attractive scenery can be found.

Promote your club in your city
To represent and promote your club in your city is an important tool to fundraise any kind of support. So an highly attractive regatta in the middle of different metropoles is the only way to put rowing in the spotlight of our town. With the drawn attention, your club will be able to increase their memberships. Additionally,it makes it easier to find potential business partners and get more support from the government. This gives you the chance to reinvent your rowing club in your town.