RCL – New options for coverage


Drama, Drama, Drama
Usually, rowing regattas are over a 2000m distance. After approx. 6 minutes of racing the boats are so spread out, that the audience gets bored. Only the last 350m are fully seen by the crowd, but most of the races are over by then. On the contrary, over the distance of 350m, we have drama, drama, drama – which is what the  TV-audience wants to see.

350m sprint – highly attractive format of rowing
Usually, rowing regattas are over a distance of 2000m. There are more than 20 different boat categories, and after 1h of racing most of the audience is getting bored. There is a huge potential of a  Live-Video coverage over the distance of 350m with cameras in the boats, at the starting and finish line and in the middle of the race course. Additionally,  the regatta can take place in the middle of a big city.

Personalize rowing – only possible with club eights
There is a lack of individualizing in the sport of rowing – because every single athlete who participates in an international event has to qualify first at the national trials for their national teams .For example, are  you able to recall one single athlete of legendary crews of the past? It´s difficult to individualize a sport, in which the main characters are switching boat categories every year. Except for Sir Steven Redgrave there has not been an international rowing star for years. The rowing Champions League is only for club eights. There are regional teams that will stay together as a crew – without switching people on a yearly basis. The best athletes can row for years in the same crew – media can make personalization possible!

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