Press Release 1.2014: The Crews of the ROWING Champions League are determined

The best European Club and University eights will meet up in nearly four weeks in Berlin. They will compete against each other three weeks after the Rowing World Champions of the national team. The Teams do not compete anywhere against each other but in the heart of Berlin. The East Side Gallery and the O2-World form the perfect frame for this newcomer event over a 350m distance. Spectators as well as the media have the chance to watch the racing and the sport of rowing will be brought to them.  The theme being, “Jetzt Zunda”, the German rowing association and the ROWING Champions League wants to ignite sparks which will lead to new impulses in the German rowing culture.

The newly invented ROWING Champions League has full support of the rowing associations and gets enormous positive feedback throughout Europe. Clubs and Universities from over 13 nations have qualified for the sprint-racing event, which will be held for the first time this year. Different qualification sprint regattas took place in Frankfurt, Vienna and Moskow. Furthermore, the rowing federations nominated the Crews to ensure a high quality and competitive event. Rolf Warnke, head of the DRV competition branch, said, “We knew that many nations would like the format of the event. Therefore we had an excellent resonance. The response rate though really surprised us! Apparently the sport of rowing is not that conservative!”

The Leander Rowing Club, the Molesey BC, Dukla Prague and the National Champions from Switzerland, Poland, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium create a high competitive event and atmosphere.
Unfortunately, Turkey, Austria and France will not be able to attend the event since their National Championships regatta will take place on the same date.  However, even boats from the United States showed interest and are waiting in line for a racing spot at the moment.

Cooperation with Prodyna Rowing-Bundesliga

The German Crews had the chance to qualify over three qualification regattas so far. Additionally, the first three finishers of the 1. Bundesliga,  as well as the winner and the second runner up of the 2. Bundesliga  in the men category, and first two finishing crews of the Women-Bundesliga will get the chance to be part of the RCL.
The last qualification regattas will be held in September, so that the best eights can compete against each other on September 20th. 24 Men’s eight and 12 Women’s eight will help to kindle the interest in rowing in the capital of Germany. Oliver Palme, RCL sport coordinator, said, “ We already have about ten boats waiting in line for a racing spot. We will announce the numbers of crews we will approve to race at the beginning of next week.”

The organisation of the regatta is in the hands of “Ruder-Event GmbH”, which was able to successfully start the Rowing-Bundesliga. Thus experienced hands carry out the development and process of the regatta. This is why the European Crews should get excited for a regatta with exceptional character.

On Friday, September 19th there will be an official weigh in and drafting for the heats. The LRV Berlin and the deputy chairman Thomas Haun was able to find the perfect location for that: “We will have a public weigh in on Friday at the most beautiful beer garden in Berlin. The Café “Am neuen See” creates the perfect opportunity to introduce the Crews and to draw more attention to the sport of rowing. We have to go where all the spectators are and we were able to do that. We will have fantastic conditions here right after the opening of the Oktoberfest!”

Last but not least, on September 20th the ranking of the ROWING Champions League Final 2014 will be determined through duel racing. The finals will be from 5 pm – 7 pm and it will be worthwhile for every rowing fan to be there and cheer on the rowers. Furthermore, a TV production company will be there and  a wide variety of programs with stages and excellent catering will be offered. As well as one of a kind hospitality offers will round up the program