Informations about RCL Final 2015 – 6 Wild Cards available 

Dear rowing friends,

on behalf of Gerhard Meuer and ROWING Champions League its our pleasure to inform about the progress of RCL in the last couple of month. We are some days after Lucerne and the club season is highlighted with national championships, HRR and other outstanding european events. The national teams shape up, so we can start to organize everything properly.
Time to look forward to RCL Final 2015. The final of ROWING Champions League will be at 20th September 2015, the arrival of the qualified crews is planned for friday 18th September. There will be a attractive party on friday, official weigh inn on saturday with corporate regattas and due to the need of german TV the final races of RCL on sunday.We have discussed many possibilities with federations and decided to organize everything for your crews – to give the total package to your clubs. In accordance of the Worldcups we are able to guarantee a total cost of 90,- Euro per person per day. Included is accommodation, all other benefits you know of 2014 and the best platform of european club rowing of all time. With guarantees of TV-Coverage in 13 countries with a audience of 30 millions there will be an outstanding possibility for your club sponsors european wide. Although this is a great platform for your athletes and a possibility to increase interest of rowing overall. Directly in front of iconic East-Side Gallery in the middle of Berlin at one of the best european spots ever.
After Final 2014 in Berlin successfully finished we had a huge TV-Coverage afterwards with the help of our distribution company Quattro Media. Approx. 24 millions in 40 countries were informed about RCL and rowing in 260 TV-Clips overall. In addition to the outstanding feedback of the crews and athletes this was a great confirmation of our ideas and work. So we will go on to increase the format and the european club and university rowing itself.
Since Final 2014 we had meetings with more than 15 different federations, great feedback of all european countries and many clubs asked for Final 2015 and the possibilities for qualification. There are three different possibilities for every country to qualify crews to Berlin-
  1. European Qualifier for RCL
  2. Qualification Regatta
  3. National Nomination by federation
Until end of July every federation has to fix qualification modus and will inform their clubs. Some federations have done their qualification regattas and teams are nominated.Wild cards possible
If you do not have a chance to qualify or you missed qualification we have Wild cards to offer! You can send your request of participating at RCL Final 2014 until end of July. Afterwards we will decide about your request in one week. Because we have 4 wild cards for men´ s eights and 2 wild cards for women´s eights, send your request asap. Time of arrival is one factor of our decision. Please send your wild card entry to
Best regards
Oliver Palme and Gerhard Meuer