Quota places fixed for the 2015 ROWING Champions league final

The Deutscher Ruderverband (DRV) and the ROWING Champions League fixed the quota places for the 2015 final this weekend. The European club and university final is taken place from the 18th-20th September at Höhe Oberbaumbrücke, Berlin. The final race on the 20th of September determines the best european male and female eights from club and university rowing.DCIM100MEDIA

For Germany, the Prodna-Bundesliga is the only possible way to qualify. For the men, the fastest three boats enter the first league. The winners of the second league can row in Berlin. For the women, the two teams at the top of their class segment at the end of the saison get to row in Berlin.

Rolf Warnke (DRV) and Oliver Palme (DRV) met and decided on the following contingents. For the men’s eight: 4 places are reserved for the UK; 2 places for Spain, Denmark and France; 1 place for Switzerland, Israel, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Poland, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. As hosts, Berlin are also allowed to enter a boat. In addition the ROWING Champions League have 4 wild cards for the men’s eight. For the women’s eights: 2 places are reserved for the UK, France and Spain in addition to the female German boats. A further quota is available for entrants from other countries. In addition, the ROWING Champions League have 2 wild cards for the women’s eight.

The European clubs have until the end of July to decide how the final qualification race looks like for their country. Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland and Israel have already registered their finals. In addition, clubs and universities can try for wild card places. These will be judged on entrance submission and success of the teams. Naturally, the interest in these wild card places is very high, therefore interested teams are advised to quickly register.