Associations name qualifications rules for the ROWING Champions League

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The European associations have announced the qualification rules for the individual countries for the most part. Thus the foundation was created to contact the clubs which have already qualified between now and August 20th. This will officially take place, directed by Oliver Palme, who will contact the clubs.

Prodyna Ruder-Bundesliga heat up

There will be a clear tendency in Germany after the fourth race day of the Prodyna Rowing-Bundeliga in Leipzig, of the boats that will take the qualifications spots. The RCL will be present locally to approach the possible teams in person. Furthermore, the wild cards have been received as well. Thus the spots are overbooked and will be determined after the re-registration of the clubs by the end of August.

Two wildcards have already been assigned

It is confirmed, that Crefelder RC received one wildcard. Crefelder RC is currently ranked number three at the Prodyna Rowing-Bundesliga and thus would not be qualified before the fourth race day, since only two women’s eights can qualify. Since Nereus Amsterdam men’s eight won in Henley Royal Regatta, they are already qualified, as well. The Team manager has submitted an official application. The remaining wild cards will officially be announced by the end of August.

Meeting with TV-Stations this week

The demands of the partners have increased, due to the extensive TV coverage of the 2014 final. The goal is to hedge contract with the main TV stations about the timeslots. A live stream of the final of the RCL final in Berlin on September 20th is planned. Furthermore, the CEO Gerhard Meuer and Oliver Palme will introduce the concept of the ROWING Champions League at the EBU in person this week. This is an important step on the way to a European-wide distribution of club and university rowing.