Rowing – olympic sport
The olympic sport of rowing reflects the core elements of the olympic movement. Endurance, discipline and teamwork are the key attributes, that make this sport unique. Rowing has an outstanding potential for TV- and internet live-coverage but the costs for video-productions are immense – more than 100.000,- dollar per event. For hosting international rowing regattas the race courses have to be long enough for the olympic racing distance of 2000m.
This means rowing events can often not be held the middle of a city which is why audiences usually only fill the grand stands during the Olympics. Therefore, the RCL will follow a different concept.  The sprint regatta is only about 350m long and will take place in the middle of metropoles and in front of big crowds where there is a great potential for sponsors, athletes, and audiences.

One target – promoting rowing
We are part of the rowing family and respect the power of innovation by FISA and the national federations. The core of rowing is and will be the olympic sport over a 2000m distance with national teams.

But the basis of this high performance level are the clubs all around the world. In addition, there are schools and universities that perform on a high level. These crews haven’t got an international league system to promote rowing on a regional basis.

In Germany we have a „PRODYNA Ruder-Bundesliga“ with approx. 40 eights rowing against each other over a distance of 350m in a transparent league system. Winner of this 4 Regatta League are the clubs that increased posibilities of advertising, promotion and performance on a regional basis.

In Frankfurt we organise a yearly „Frankfurter Ruderfest“ that drew nearly 100.000 visitors to our „MainArena“ in the last three years. Our budget is more than 200.000 dollars a year. Additionally, our concept proves that racing in the center of big cities can be realized and lucrative. The results have a deep impact on the rowing community and reinvented rowing.

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