Rules of Racing

The system of national challenge regattas are called RCL Qualifier – after time trials in the morning, the first two men’s crews and the winner of the women’s crews, will be contested in an 2-lane modus. The racing begins with quarterfinals, followed by semifinals. The winner of the final will redeem the ticket for the 2015 RCL final.

The rules of racing for the final are also very straightforward. After time trials in the morning,  the 16 best eights get the chance to proceed to the final selection.
There will be 4 heats over 350m distance (seating after time trial with first pick choice). Only the best two crews of the heats will qualify for the semifinals. The first two boat of each semifinal will compete in the grand final.  Since there are just four boats in the grand final and the total event only takes 75 minutes, it makes it very attractive for the crowd to follow the race.

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